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I guess this depends on which place you are in. If you were to be in one of those religious war regions, then certainly it will not be prolonging life expectancy by four years.

The point being, longevity due to religious association alone is a bit far-fetched statement. If that were the case, everyone going to the same temple or mosque or church should have a similar life expectancy. This perspective is not against religion, but more to point out that there are multitude of factors which determine longevity.

Moreover, as taught by majority of the religions, it is less about how long a person has lived, and more about what that person has achieved and done to the society during his life span.

Another counter-argument:
At the beginning of the 20th century, average life expectancy was around 30-35 years, and now the global life expectancy is around 68 years. Is it due to religious association alone?

The below section was updated on March 21, 2022

A short parody of a yesteryear classic to show case that the same person can be affiliated to different religions based on that person's birth. This thought is being shared not to dilute the importance of the positive teachings coming from different religions, but more to make people think that there is more to an individual than where the person was born and what that person's religion happens to be.