Please note that this is not to impose personal opinions, but to promote healthy discussion when worldly happenings are changing with time. It is also to understand potential issues that could indirectly play a role in societal changes with time.

Thanks to all those who participated in the questionnaire revolving around polygamy. I would appreciate more participation as it is very much pertinent to the global society.

For those who might be wondering about the reason for bringing up the connection between polygamy and homosexuality, here are couple of hypothetical situations.

1. If there were to be only one gender, let us say an Amazon Utopian world, and marriage is still the norm, what would happen to that society?

2. Let us say the gender/sex ratio is 1 (100 men and 100 women) in a village, and all of them are of marriageable age. If one of one gender, let us say, male marries or have 10 partners, what would happen to the other 99 men, in other words, what happens to the gender ratio available for marriage? Will the ratio still be 1? How it could potentially change the societal framework?

You might be wondering how this matters? Though we might not see the direct impact of such actions in the near future, these societal changes defines future societal landscape, if not the immediate generations. By having an open discussion, we can also limit those with vested interests exploiting on such topics to their advantage.
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