We see these kinds of reports on a regular basis. It is ironical that many of the educational institutions that promote and teach areas such as, HR management, Performance management and more happens to be the last one to follow what is being taught.

For that matter, most of the salary raises during most of the 20th century for executives and administrators have been based on consumerism and students admissions count, which is prone to increase with the population increasing from 1 billion in 1800 to around 8 billion now.

Unless students and parents, who really value right and relevant education, get a sense of what is going on, this kind of rewarding for wrong KPIs is going to continue to happen.
More on pay rises of UK university top administrators.

The University of Bolton’s vice-chancellor was awarded a £66,000 pay rise last year [...] George Holmes was paid £290,215 in 2016-17, up by nearly 30% from £224,300 the previous year.

Thats a pay rise of $88,550 on a base salary of $300,000, for you foks on the other side of the pond. (And keep in mind that basic healthcare around here is free.)

Bolton ranks as one of the worst universities in England in terms of student drop-out and degree completion rates. According to the most recent figures, nearly one in five full-time undergraduates at Bolton left higher education after their first year, while a further one in 20 moved to a different institution.

Just wait, it gets better.

In August last year Holmes hit the headlines when he posed in front of his Bentley. “I hope students use their education to get a good job and then they can have a Bentley. Do you want to be taught by someone who is successful or a failure?”
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