With IoT, and other tracking tools out there, there might be situations now or in the future, where our daily happenings and personal information might be broadcasted even without our knowledge (more like movies, Minority report and Inception).

It is the reason why I wrote several years back that there might not be any incentive to hire Einsteins now or in the future unlike a strong push for genuine talents in the past as it could become possible to get information right from their homes with or without the person's knowledge. 

Even if the person were to find out, the rule of law should provide a way to protect them against those with resources. This is what we cautioned in our article, "Blue Ocean, Red Ocean or Desert with One Tall Building" with the focus on technology.

For example, there was a recent story of personal messages shared to all the contacts through an IoT tool without the person's knowledge. In this case, the messages were shared with the known contacts.

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We couldn’t quite believe that someone would want to tape themselves, so that people could tune in and watch what was considered at the time to be mundane, and see that as entertainment.

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