Here is our perspective:

that we shared a while back.

To further add to the above link, there is a legal team out there certainly, but not everyone would have the resources, and the rule of law should also work. Even if they were, the copycats could be more #Re #Source #Full entities., For example, ReSourceFul entities could change words or forms of communication to sound like new, especially those having access to a troop of legal teams. It could be as simple as changing the word, diversification to All of the above implying the same, but make it sound like new.

Moreover, web crawling, scraping, and technological tools, such as IoT, overhearing Apps could also extract info even well before we know. That is why we mentioned in our media site several years back that Einstein ideas during current times could be stolen right from their homes, and we might think the original thinker, who came up with those ideas to be the copycat.

What are We trying to do?
We are constantly working on our creativity, and innovation, which we believe would bring uniqueness to our work. We are also looking into developing methods and technologies to give a level playing field, where real talents could shine and grow.

We also clearly cite the source or add a disclaimer, if we believe that another content would add value to an information that we are presenting. We also try to understand nuances of relevant law terms such as transformative fair use, and keep that in mind while working on our content, and products.

Do you know that many products are incremental or derivative products?
As repeatedly mentioned, many products are incremental products, and/or variants of products or services of the past.

Our founder's experience with social platforms dates back to the pinging and IRCs times. If you think about various social media platforms, they are all derivatives of previous versions. Yahoo groups, Orkut, Plaxo, MySpace, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, SnapChat, Pinterest, Instagram etc. In a way, we are providing content, and these platforms prosper as we can see from their financial evaluations. That is why we are working on developing our own platforms.

Another easy example to understand is that of Yoga. Yoga, and its various forms could be traced to Indus Valley civilization, and nowadays Yoga, as presented in the journalistic literature, has become more of a pop culture with a new one popping up almost every hour. Is this copying?

Our founder has also seen case studies directly and/or indirectly pertaining to copying with or without the knowledge of the original thinker.

Without going into details, we are working on our front to improve the protection system, and technology certainly provides opportunities to protect those original creators, provided rule of law works.
How do you handle people who copy your work? Imitation isn't a form of flattery when it comes to your online business. I recently interviewed Marie Forleo and this is one of the questions I asked her.

I found a bunch of my Pinterest graphics linked to someone else's blog the other day. They were trending in the topics that my graphic covered but linked to their spammy website. Thankfully on Pinterest you can report these pins but it does take a few minutes. 🧐 Have you had this happen to you?

Listen to the interview to hear what Marie and I had to say about it.

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