Monkey and The Two Dogs Story - It is about two dogs fighting over who is more powerful, and Dr Rafiki finds a way to resolve the problem. 

Would you like to know how Dr Rafiki resolve the differences?

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We will wrap up the complete story today, which happens to be the first day of CHINESE, KOREAN, and VIETNAMESE NEW YEAR.
Before wrapping up this story on Monkey and The Two Dogs, let us take the time to wish for Chinese New Year, which falls on February 16th, and it is already 16th in China.

Interesting Facts about Lunar New Year in China, Korea and Vietnam:

1. Chinese New Year, unlike the more common January 1st New Year, falls between last week of January and middle of February on a new moon day.

2. As per Chinese legend, Chinese New Year marks the driving away of a terrible demon, Nian, by an elderly wise man away from the village, and to mark this victory, the Chinese New Year is also called Guo Nian meaning "Overcome Nian".

3. This year happens to be the year of the dog, which is known for loyalty and friendship. People born in this year are supposed to be loyal, friendly, smart and responsible. On the negative side, people born in this year are supposed to be sensitive, stubborn and emotional.

With this year being the year of the dog, today would be a good way to wrap up this Monkey and Two Dogs story.

4. When it comes to greats born in the year of the dog, there are quite a number of notable names with my sister being one of them.

5. Chinese zodiac signs repeat every 12 years, with the last dog year being in 2006, and the next one in 2030.

6. It also happens to be the New Year in Korea called Seollal, and Tết Nguyên Đán, in Vietnam.

7. The corresponding zodiac sign in Vietnam is a Cat.

MANDARIN: Xin Nian Kuai Le
CANTONESE: Sun Leen Fai Lok
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