Is this a squirrel or chipmunk that we see in the below video? How to differentiate those two?

By the way, there is an interesting story in Ramayana about Rama and the Squirrel.

The story goes like this:

King Rama and his team of Monkeys were constructing a bridge to go from India to Sri Lanka. Knowing that Mr Rama needed this bridge to be built as fast as possible, squirrels and other smaller creatures also decided to contribute in their own way. Squirrels considering their size contributed by bringing in pebbles and sands and filling it in the void areas created by the larger stones that were put in by the monkeys.

When one of the monkeys saw a squirrel putting in pebbles, that monkey asked the squirrel what he is up to. Squirrel replied that he is trying to do his part to help King Rama to build this bridge. Hearing this, Monkey made fun of the squirrel for his size, and belittled the contribution of the squirrel by saying, putting pebbles is not going to serve in building this bridge. When squirrel continued doing his part, Monkey got offended and threw the squirrel out. The squirrel that flew like a bullet fell in the hands of Lord Rama.

Lord Rama, who was observing what was going on from a distance understood the reason for monkey's action, and told the monkey the following:

"Monkey, you and other friends of yours are making great contributions in building this bridge, but you have to understand that larger stones leave void spaces that need to be filled. Otherwise, the bridge will be weak and will break soon.

Squirrels filling in pebbles in those spaces reduces the void and strengthens the bridge. Moreover, adding sand further brings the different stones and pebbles together strengthening the bridge. If not for these contributions, we might not have a long-lasting bridge."

The monkey understood his mistake and said sorry to the squirrel. Squirrel thanked Rama for his kindness. Rama, in turn, said sorry for what happened, and thanked the squirrel for his contribution, while stroking the back of the squirrel with his fingers. To the monkey and squirrel's surprise, the squirrel ended up having three lines on his back where Rama touched. - The End.

What can we learn from this story?
- How voids and defects in a structure could impact the stability of that structure

In managing projects, there is no small or large contribution, and every well-defined contribution is essential for the successful completion of the project

- Don't criticize or ridicule unnecessarily, especially without understanding the other side of things, and without understanding the full scale of the problem

- Size does not matter, in this situation
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